Ashley Goforth


Wesley Chapel, FL


Artist's Statement:
My photographic images and paintings are not necessarily meant to be without imperfections in the subject matter. If a leaf shows nibbles from an insect, for example, I believe this just adds to the whole and enables the viewer to relate and feel more a part of the experience. We are not perfect creatures and other things in nature are not always perfect either. Thus, I believe we connect to the imperfect on a subconscious level as imperfection is something we all have in common. One of my goals in art is to create beauty from the ordinary. A way I accomplish this is to photograph the subject to bring out the finer nuances, the subtle beauty that is oftentimes overlooked when viewing from afar. My current art is all about bringing texture and detail to the forefront as I feel this is where the true beauty makes itself known.

S. AshleyAnn Goforth (aka Ashley) is a Florida native who started painting at age nine by stretching an old sheet over a wood frame to construct a 'canvas' on which to paint and then copying the color plates from the back of a bible. She later began working with oils and completed what she terms as her first 'real' work at age 18. This and many ensuing works were completed with the painting knife only. She currently works in several mediums including Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pen & Ink and Photography.

She studied art at University of New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana; St. Petersburg College, Clearwater, Florida; and Marycrest College, Davenport, Iowa. She also studied pottery making with several private instructors in New Orleans, Clearwater and at the Dunedin Fine Art Center in Dunedin, Florida. She is the former owner of arts and craft stores in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida and Clearwater Beach, Florida. She owned a clothing manufacturing company which produced ladies resort wear under her private label, 'Island Dreamers'. The private label name was chosen as a lifestyle expression, as she lived on a barrier island (Sand Key, Florida) at the time and had always been a dreamer.

Ashley also creates in other art forms such as writing, stained glass, mosaics, pyrography, jewelry making and design (mainly wire work & wire sculpture), crochet, knitting and creating wearable art (shirts embellished with hand painting and/or applique). She also enjoys cooking southern and Creole dishes. Although she relishes all of these creative outlets, her first passions are painting and working in clay, whether it be sculpture or functional pottery making, including both throwing on the wheel and slab work. S. AshleyAnn Goforth currently resides in Florida and owns two beautiful apricot standard poodles, Creme Brulee and Mango Sorbet.

Current body of work (painting/drawing) in process: Pen and Ink with watercolor.
Also in the works: a romance novel, two children's books, pottery, rock tumbling and several knit & crochet projects.
Favorite quote: 'Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life' Picasso
Favorite thoughts to live by: Everything in moderation. If you choose to judge others, you will also be judged. A great life isn't about how many things and the stuff you acquire, it is about how much Joy is manifested in your life.


Laughing Gulls Flight Flurry by Ashley Goforth


Two Roses by Ashley Goforth


Buffalo Dancer by Ashley Goforth


Monarch Of The Plains by Ashley Goforth


One Of The Mighty Few by Ashley Goforth


Just Before The Dinner Hour by Ashley Goforth


At Sea by Ashley Goforth


Golden Shrimp Plant by Ashley Goforth


Prayer Plant by Ashley Goforth


Dinner At Charleys by Ashley Goforth


Spanish Bayonets With Palm by Ashley Goforth


Bird of Paradise by Ashley Goforth


Thunder Heads at Sea by Ashley Goforth


Fresh Fruit by Ashley Goforth


Island Fruit Stand by Ashley Goforth


Coconuts At Kahlua Beach Club by Ashley Goforth


Sandpipers on Sanibel by Ashley Goforth


Ginger by Ashley Goforth


Steve While On Safari In South Africa by Ashley Goforth


Old Oak Tree with Birds' Nest Black and White by Ashley Goforth


Greatest Wall Ever Black and White by Ashley Goforth


Private Garden at Sunset Black and White by Ashley Goforth


Ancient Grey Stone Residence Black and White by Ashley Goforth


Table for Three Black and White by Ashley Goforth


Ancient Crumbling Stone Steps by Ashley Goforth


Ancient Crumbling Stone Steps Black and White by Ashley Goforth


Sunlit Banana with Bamboo by Ashley Goforth


Masks by Ashley Goforth


Decisions by Ashley Goforth


Old Trellis Roses by Ashley Goforth


Sunbeam Shadows by Ashley Goforth


Heavenly Orange Swirl by Ashley Goforth


Searching For Enlightenment C by Ashley Goforth


Searching For Enlightenment B by Ashley Goforth


Searching For Enlightenment A by Ashley Goforth


Two Rainsticks by Ashley Goforth


Sweet Spot by Ashley Goforth


Peachy Yellow Surprise by Ashley Goforth


Design Detail A by Ashley Goforth


Grapes With Dewdrop by Ashley Goforth


One Blue Crab on Sand by Ashley Goforth


Blue Crabs on Sand by Ashley Goforth


Asian Influence by Ashley Goforth


Wish Book by Ashley Goforth


Reflections Of An Earlier Time by Ashley Goforth


Colorscape Tubes B by Ashley Goforth


Colorscape Tubes A by Ashley Goforth


Elephant with Elephant Box by Ashley Goforth